The allConnex – 12 Point Consulting Approach

  1. The Network Today In depth technical and business analysis of existing Network and infrastructure.  Identifying and analyzing all existing contracts and commitments as it pertains to its voice, data and wireless network.
  2. Comparative Analysis Model Build Visio diagram and spreadsheet for future quantitative and qualitative comparative analysis against existing infrastructure, bandwidth, rates, terms, commitments, etc.
  3. Understanding the VisionIn Depth Analysis of Future Corporate Vision as it pertains to Voice and Data infrastructure needs.
  4. Network Design Work with allConnex Engineers, Hardware Vendors, and Client IT Staff to build multiple network designs and phases of deployment relative to corporate growth.
  5. Vendor Analysis: Build RFI and RFP (if necessary)* with client for allConnex to reach out to the carriers to educate on the design and run full operation of communications with Vendors.  This makes for focused vendors because they know exactly what they are quoting and do their best early and take the “back and forth” out of the initial relationship.
  6. Vendor Selection: allConnex will use the Comparative Analysis Model to help Client choose the best providers relative to the design and network strategy chosen.
  7. Contract Negotiation: allConnex will assist client’s legal team, by using its many years of experience in carrier contracts, to ensure client has a contract that challenges its vendors and provides competitive and legal protection with contingency arrangements.
  8. Implementation Control: allConnex will assist the carrier in streamlining and aggregating all communication from multiple vendors back to the client and (where effective) will escalate and even take over process for client with vendor partners.
  9. Trouble Reporting and Analysis: allConnex will work to flowchart and analyze the exact escalation procedures for all possible outages as well as identify and notify all NOC’s of client’s network and team, prior to network installation.
  10. Installation Process: allConnex will work to streamline and manage the physical facilities cut over.  This includes orchestrating hardware vendors, client IT staff, as well as network providers, and even old network providers to ensure the best chances for a smooth transition.
  11. Redundancy/Contingency Testing: allConnex will work with clients IT staff to test all (if any) redundancy options embedded into the design.  allConnex will also check any contingency plan put in place during design, due to financial instability or threat of long term shut off of the network.
  12. Quarterly Business Reviews allConnex will visit the client formally every quarter to review the performance of allConnex, it’s vendor partners, other vendors, and to review any changes in the corporate activity, strategy, or vision that may change the design, time-line or contractual nature of its network deployment.   This is also a great time to broaden our strategic understanding of communications recommendations to all departments and even test new technology.  (ie. Wireless, Hardware, Conferencing, Video, Inside-Wiring, Storage Area Networks, etc.)  Our many partners can and may be introduced at any time depending on the priority of the solution we are building.